Using the Metadata Dashboard v2

Using the Metadata Dashboard v2

This guide will walk through the Metadata Dashboard tool available in the Boulder AI Platform that can be used to view the data output from DNN-Devices. If you cannot see this Metadata dashboard, please contact to add this dashboard to your workspace. 

Note: Although it is named 'Mobility Metadata Dashboard', this dashboard will be able to pull all data produced by TrafficCounter, PeopleCounter, and/or Mobility Services.  

Accessing the Dashboard

Once logged into the Boulder AI Platform, click on the 'Metadata' panel under 'Dashboards' in the left-hand column of the screen. You can then choose 'Mobility Service' as the dashboard you would like to view. 
If you can't see the 'Dashboards' section, please contact your Workspace Administrator or to ensure you have the correct access permissions.

Viewing Data

In the metadata dashboard, choose the device you'd like to pull data from, the object type you'd like to view, the particular sensors you'd like to view, start/end dates, and a time interval. Click the 'Apply' button to then pull the data. 
Note: If you don't have options for 'Object Type' or 'Sensor', try clicking 'Apply' on a valid time frame and this should give you options for Object Type and Sensor. 

The data presented will show the number of counts across the selected sensors in the specified time interval. For example, a person count value at 1:30pm with 30 minute intervals will signify the number of counts across the chosen sensor from 1:30pm-2:00pm. The 'Total Count' column will show a sum of the counts from all of the selected sensors in that specified time frame.   
Note: Directional counts and timestamps on the 'Sensor Chart' will be included in future updates to this dashboard.

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